As the person responsible for the safety of business property, one of your first responsibilities should be to enhance pedestrian safety. With the large number of cars and heavy trucks entering and leaving the premises throughout the day and the need to maintain pedestrian barriers. It can be difficult to create safe roads for your employees and guests.

Crowd management barriers are an excellent technology for preventing property accidents and injuries. You can follow the main guidelines given below to enhance safety and pedestrian flow on your site.

1. Assist in queue management of pedestrian barriers

Crowd pedestrian safety barriers are a great way to improve pedestrian safety in the workplace by managing queues. This can be used as a short-term or long-term remedy. You can hire as few or as many plastic barriers as needed to create a walkway for employees between buildings.

These are very obvious for cars, so there is no doubt which parts of your property are suitable for pedestrians and which parts are suitable for cars. If there is a sudden influx of visitors to your property. You can quickly and simply put up these barriers or create a diversion.

2. Take time to evaluate and plan your project

While it may be tempting to make direct adjustments to pedestrian safety. We recommend that you first assess the condition of the business premises. If you’ve recently had an accident or a near-miss, you may find areas that need quick attention.

Otherwise, consider all the options provided below and find out how you can combine them to make your property safer and more comfortable. Companies that prioritize the automotive and delivery needs of their location sometimes neglect pedestrian controls.

Pedestrian Barrier Safety

3. Increase the number of signs on your property

While lighting and pedestrian barriers will make the route safer for pedestrians, both remedies will be ineffective if they don’t know where they’re going in the first place. Permanently mark key locations to which hotel staff and guests need access, such as reception areas with sidewalk barriers. This can help visitors avoid getting confused and ending up where they shouldn’t be.

4. Night lighting

Many commercial properties operate 24 hours a day and require team members to be available around the clock. If your employees are walking around your property late at night, you should always provide them with a well-lit walkway. For example, consider installing wall lights in aisles. Poor visibility is one of the leading causes of commercial real estate accidents. And accidents are more likely when motorists are not paying attention to pedestrians. When choosing lighting, consider the audience that will be visiting your commercial property.

5. Supplement 

The following points can also be used as your reference:

Choose the right materials: Pedestrian guardrails should choose durable, not easy-to-rust corrosion materials. Such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc., to ensure the safety of long-term use.

Standard design and installation: The design of the pedestrian guardrail should meet the relevant safety standards, and avoid sharp corners and fragile parts. And ensure that the installation is firm and reliable, and not easy to be damaged or moved.

Add warning signs: Set up obvious warning signs around the pedestrian fence to remind pedestrians to pay attention to safety and reduce the possibility of accidents.

Regular maintenance inspection: The pedestrian guardrail of commercial real estate needs regular maintenance inspection, timely detection, and repair of possible safety hazards, and ensuring that the function of the pedestrian guardrail is intact.

Strengthen management measures: Strengthen the management of the surrounding environment of commercial real estate, and keep the environment clean and orderly. And avoid the safety of pedestrian guardrails caused by disorderly placing or other factors.

Pedestrian Barrier Safety

6. Conclusion

The commercial safety of installing pedestrian barriers is always beneficial. In order to maintain workplace safety, it is always important to manage the maintenance of property.

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