Industrial Safety Gate

The industrial safety gate is an entrance and exit provided for pedestrians and light vehicles in the pedestrian guardrail section. The installation is fast, simple, and convenient.

Aotons provides 2 types of safety gates, sliding safety gates, and swing safety gates. It can be compatible with all pedestrian guardrails and traffic guardrail combinations and can be installed separately or in pairs to increase the opening size.

Industrial Safety Gate

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Product Tech Data

It is made of Armorflex material which is independently developed by Aotons. Through special nano processing technology, the molecular structure of the material is reconstituted into a regular linear network structure. This means that Armorflex material has recoverability and memory, can absorb, delay and eliminate impact energy, and can rebound to its original shape after impact.

The special three-layer structure, shock absorption layer, support strengthening layer and anti-aging layer, the material ratio and physical properties of each layer are different, and the three-layer materials are extruded by exclusive customized professional equipment at one time.

  • Coupling structure
  • Quick disassembly
  • Flexible assembly
  • Convenient maintenance


  • Durable
  • Strong wear resistance
  • Strong weather resistance
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Strong chemical resistance
  • No painting required
  • Recoverability and memorability
  • Modular combination
Product name: Sliding Safety Gates swing safety gate
Product materials: ARMORFLEX®  materials ARMORFLEX®  materials
Height: 1150mm 1150mm
Column diameter: 130mm 130mm
Beam diameter: 100mm 100mm
Note: The specific model is recommended according to the actual situation on site, and other specifications can be customized according to the actual impact energy

The Industrial door protection is made of Armorflex material, which is used to protect doors, loading and unloading doors, entrances and other structures from accidental damage by moving vehicles. Provide physical protection against side and high impact.

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