Flexible Safety Barriers

Aotons provide high-quality flexible safety barriers to reduce the risk of accidents, damage, and unscheduled downtime. It is the most durable and advanced flexible workplace barrier on the market, now it has been used by many brand companies, like Mengniu, Yili, TNT, DHL, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, P & G, etc.

The flexible safety barriers are made of ARMORFLEX® material, which is independently developed by our company. Through special nano-level processing technology, the molecular structure of the material is reorganized into a regular linear network structure. This means that the ARMORFLEX® material is recoverable and memory-capable, absorbs retardation and dissipates impact energy, and can rebound to its original shape after impact.

Special 3-layer structure – shock absorption and energy absorption layer, support reinforcement layer, anti-aging layer, the material ratio and physical properties of each layer are different, and the three-layer material is extruded at one time through the exclusively developed professional equipment.

Featured Flexible Safety Barriers

M Shape Impact Barrier

M-Shape Impact Barrier

Protective Bollard

Traffic Guardrail

Double Traffic Guardrail

Pedestrian Safety Protection

Industrial Door Protection

Industrial Door Protection

Rack Protection

Column Protection

Column Protection

Loading Bays Protection

Loading Bays Protection

Aotons Flexible Safety Barriers Features


Enhanced Protection Performance

Guardrails made of ARMORFLEX® can effectively cushion the impact of forklifts, providing reliable protection for buildings. And eliminate the problems of collision deformation, ground damage, etc., so that your factory can say goodbye to secondary maintenance, thereby eliminating expensive maintenance costs and potential protection neutrality.

Flexible Split Design

Flexible Split Design

The split design of the industrial guardrail has strong applicability to the on-site protection scheme, which can realize fast and flexible installation. If the anti-collision barrier is impacted beyond the design range, only the damaged parts need to be replaced, and there is no need to disassemble the anchors, and the maintenance is simple and convenient.

Great Engineering Design

Great Engineering Design

We treat every site seriously. After understanding your needs, our engineers will design a comprehensive blueprint of protective equipment for you according to your layout and usage scenarios, and customize the design for each key point.

Flexible Safety Barrier Supplier FAQ

We don’t supply installation service, but we have agents in your country if they can, please contact us for details.

We accept returns, please contact us to discuss the details.

Yes, On-site service depends on the number of your on-site products and faults, if necessary, we can send engineers there.

Our company has a special quality control department, which will conduct strict raw material and product inspections before each shipment. During the production process, we strictly follow the relevant certification standards for products. Unqualified products will not be sent to customers.

We support product customization and also accept the LOGO required by the customer on the product. Please contact us to discuss the details.

The MOQ is different for different products, please contact us for details.

The delivery date of different products is different, generally 2-3 days after receiving the payment. Some customized products take a little longer. Please contact us to discuss the details.

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