Hydraulic Bollard

Aotons Hydraulic Bollard is an anti-collision safety product with high blocking ability. The automatic bollards are driven by the internal hydraulic bollard system.

When the motor vehicle needs to be controlled or intercepted, it can be controlled to rise above the ground by remote control and other means. When it reaches the blocking height, it will automatically stop, playing the role of control and interception; When the motor vehicle is allowed to pass, it will be automatically recovered to the level position of the road surface;

Its buried installation method will not damage the overall style of the building complex, and it is widely used in oil depots, banks, troops, power stations, and other places for control and anti-terrorism interception.

Hydraulic Bollard

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Hydraulic Bollard Tech Data

1. Integrated hydraulic system

The power unit and lifting system are designed as a whole, with stable performance.

2. Advanced anti-corrosion design

The protection grade of the hydraulic system is IP68, the lifting column is made of 304 stainless steel, and the oil cylinder push rod is treated by nitriding process, which greatly improves its wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. High strength blocking performance

The automatic hydraulic lifting columns has outstanding blocking performance, it can block the impact energy of 1108kj, which is equivalent to blocking the frontal impact of a 6.8-ton vehicle at the speed of 65km/h, stopping the driving of vehicle, and the lifting column can still be lifted and used normally.

4. Easy maintenance

The modular design is adopted inside the lifting column. During maintenance, it only needs to remove the screws and replace the accessories, which avoids the problem of repairing the traditional lifting column which needs to be dug out of the ground and re-installed, , and reduces the maintenance difficulty and cost.

Model: CA-W-C89
Size: 1.5mx0.8m
Steel Pipe Diameter: 89mm
Steel Pipe Thickness: 3mm
Deflection Angle Limit: 20°
Alarm mode: Sound alarm
Alert setting: LED light alert
Structure: Split design
Material: black cast iron base + galvanized steel pipe +Yellow reflective sticker + Anti-collision rubber ring
Explosion-proof grade: Ex ia IIB T4 Ga

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