N Shape Impact Protection Barrier

N Shape impact protection barriers are suitable for the positions that need protection such as the two sides of the refueling island. According to the crash test, its impact resistance is 4800J, and the equivalent medium-sized truck hits the front at a speed of 5km/h without damage.

The base structure adopts a patented design. An energy-absorbing elastic body is added at the bottom of the bollard to realize the function of buffer protection.

When it is impacted, it can be inclined and buffered within a range of 20°, so as to absorb the energy of the impact and minimize the damage by the impact of the column. It is in a rigid state after the inclination angle reaches the limit, protecting important assets such as tankers from damage; after the impact, the column is restored to an upright state, and the column is intact, which greatly improves the service life of the N shape impact protection barrier.

N Shape Impact Protection Barrier

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N Shape Impact Protection Barrier Tech Data

1. Patented Energy Absorbing Base:

The patented energy-absorbing elastic body hidden at the bottom of the bollard tilts slightly and gradually absorbs hit energy within a range of 20° to achieve a buffering effect. The column remained intact after the impact.

2. Wireless Collision Alarm:

With the added wireless collision detection alarm unit, a rapid alarm sound can be issued when a vehicle hits the warning post, reminding the vehicle driver and nearby fuelers of the collision, which helps to stop the vehicle.

3. Light Sensitive Design:

Parking bollards emit LED light and are light-sensitive. The LED lights on the warning post illuminate at night, which more prominently reminds the driver to pay attention to positioning, avoid collisions, and avoid them.

Model: CA-W-C89
Size: 1.5mx0.8m
Steel Pipe Diameter: 89mm
Steel Pipe Thickness: 3mm
Deflection Angle Limit: 20°
Alarm mode: Sound alarm
Alert setting: LED light alert
Structure: Split design
Material: black cast iron base + galvanized steel pipe +Yellow reflective sticker + Anti-collision rubber ring
Explosion-proof grade: Ex ia IIB T4 Ga

Reduce Cylinder Damage

The warning post will have a 20° inclination, which ensures that the anti-collision column will not be subjected to direct rigid impact, thereby reducing the impact force received, protecting the anti-collision column itself, and greatly reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

Reduce Vehicles Damage:

After the vehicle hits the crash pillar, the peak impact force on the vehicle is significantly reduced due to the action of the energy-absorbing elastic body, which reduces the direct damage to the vehicle and the injury to the passengers.

Reduced damage to ground and base

The uprights are made of standard steel pipes. When impacted, the force is buffered by the energy-absorbing elastomer, and only a small amount of force is transmitted to the base; it will not cause cracks or depressions in the concrete floor of the gas station.

Reduce Maintenance Cost:

Only need to use anchor screws to securely install the bumper, and the installation will be completed in 15 minutes. Suppose the anti-collision column is impacted beyond the design range. In that case, it is only necessary to replace the column or beam without dismantling the fixed anchor, and maintenance is simple and convenient.

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