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Rack Protection is a shock-absorbing protective jacket with three soft shock-proof materials inside, which can be provided in different sizes to perfectly fit any shelf column. The purpose is to protect the shelf legs that are vulnerable to impact from scratch and impact caused by forklifts or moving vehicles on the front and side.

The rack protection can effectively absorb and release the impact force when it is impacted or scratched by the outside, to prevent the column from being damaged and ensure the structural integrity of the shelf system.

The special installation kit can help you with ultra-fast installation, effectively saving time and cost, and avoiding the damage to the ground caused by the installation of traditional iron corner guards.

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Rack Guard Specification

Aotons rack guard has circular design, tough material, two sides of the card slot firmly grasp the shelf legs

  • Product materials: ARMORFLEX® materials
  • Rated working angle: 45°
  • 45°Impact energy: 1000J
  • 270 ° surround protection
  • wave-reinforced design on both sides
  • Only available in Asia

Rack Guard Application

Side Protection

Protect the shelf legs to prevent unpredictable scratches and impact damage caused by forklifts when accessing goods.

Impact Protection

It effectively protects the damage caused by the impact of the truck on the shelf legs due to blocked vision during driving, and ensures the structural integrity of the shelf system.

Elastic Energy Absorption

The interior has a unique three-sided energy-absorbing soft rubber design, and the exterior has a wave toughness-enhanced design. It can quickly release energy after being hit, effectively protecting people, shelves and driving equipment.

Easy to install and Secure

AOTONS installation kit helps you install quickly, and the tail groove design can firmly grasp the shelf legs after installation to maintain stable protection.

warehouse Rack-Monitoring Technology

Rack Guard Material

Aotons rack protector is made of ARMORFLEX® material, it is independently developed by our company. Through a special nano-scale processing technology, the molecular structure of the material is reorganized into a regular linear network structure. This means that ARMORFLEX® materials are recoverable and memory-resistant, absorbing, retarding, and dissipating impact energy, and can rebound back to their original shape after impact.

A special three-layer structure – shock-absorbing and energy-absorbing layer, supporting and strengthening layer, and anti-aging layer. The material ratio and physical properties of each layer are different, and the three-layer materials are extruded at one time through exclusively developed professional equipment.

Steps to Custom Rack Guard

Product Recommend

Based on the on-site usage environment you provide, including but not limited to the forklift’s weight, load, driving speed, impact height, and other parameters, we provide the rack guard with corresponding specifications for a recommendation.

Free Trial

Free trials are available for some products, so you can personally feel the excellent impact resistance and beautiful appearance of Aotons safety barriers.

Fix Design Drawing

We will issue layout and installation drawings based on the on-site dimensional drawings you provide. We have rich on-site experience to ensure the protective performance of each site.


Complete the corresponding product customization according to the drawings. As a manufacturer, we have extremely flexible customization options to meet your completely different functional needs through standardized modules, achieving one customer, one solution.


Rack Guard Manufacturer

Aotons can custom rack guard for industries including petroleum, logistics, car manufacturing, chemical-pharmaceutical, food and beverage…

  • 5+ years of safety barrier manufacturing & design experience

  • Compact and functional design, independent R&D team

  • Easy to install and maintain, protecting your assets from damage

  • Customizable solutions tailored to meet specific client requirements

  • Served brands companies including Mengniu Dairy, Geely, Budweiser beer, Sinopec…

Aotons Rack Guard After-Sales Service

2 Years Warranty

All the rack guards of Aotons are supported by 2 years warranty. Besides, the damage caused by the collision of the vehicle, our company promises a free warranty.

Easy to Install

An installation process video is provided, our rack guard is fully modular in design, easy to assemble, and does not require special tools.

Free Install Tools

Some products provide free installation tools, and you only need to equip a commonly used impact drill, wrench and screwdriver to complete the installation.

Customized Color Support

After reaching the minimum order quantity, the product can be customized in color. We provide standard warning colors and universal color codes for you to choose from.

Customized Service

Parameters such as product length and height can be customized, and beam spacing can be customized based on parameters such as impact height.

Distributor Support

Provide remote video guidance for installation, or after passing the training, you can also apply to become our certified installation service provider.

Rack Guard Manufacturer FAQ

We don’t supply installation service, but we have agents in your country if they can, please contact us for details.

We accept returns, please contact us to discuss the details.

Yes, On-site service depends on the number of your on-site products and faults, if necessary, we can send engineers there.

Our company has a special quality control department, which will conduct strict raw material and product inspections before each shipment. During the production process, we strictly follow the relevant certification standards for products. Unqualified products will not be sent to customers.

We support product customization and also accept the LOGO required by the customer on the product. Please contact us to discuss the details.

The MOQ is different for different products, please contact us for details.

The delivery date of different products is different, generally 2-3 days after receiving the payment. Some customized products take a little longer. Please contact us to discuss the details.

We are a factory enterprise

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