There are many safety barrier suppliers on the market to choose from, but many people don’t know how to choose. Don’t worry, this article may solve your worries. We have compared and compiled safety barriers produced by the top 10 best safety barrier suppliers on Amazon, which are listed below. Read on to learn more.

1. Trafford Industrial Expandable Metal Barricade

This safety barrier is extremely portable and can be connected using a hook and loop connection system to create runs of any length with a folded length of just 14 inches and a weight of just 30 pounds.  Sturdy steel frame and aluminum beams. Includes locking casters and wall attachments.


  • Quickly block off any area: Protect those around you by ensuring all hazardous or restricted areas are cordoned off, the Crowd Control Warehouse 11ft Folding Security Gate Traffic Safety Barrier is ideal for sending a clear message that an area is off limits.
  • Travel convenient: Folds to 13 inches wide to easily fit in your car trunk, truck bed, or trailer. Weighing 19 pounds, the barrier is durable and strong, making it easy to transport and install anywhere.
  • Adjustable: Whether you’re blocking a hallway or a one-lane street, this foldable mobile barricade will fit your needs. In just seconds, these crowd barriers connect together using a simple hook-and-loop connection system to create pathways of any length.
  • Heavy Duty: Sturdy steel frame and aluminum cross members. Includes locking casters. Choose from OSHA-safe yellow and black or red and white options.
  • Easy to assemble: Our mobile fences can be installed in seconds and are ideal for maintenance and construction work, or crowd and traffic control.

Trafford Industrial Expandable Metal Barricade

2. BISupply Folding Barricade

This is an 8-foot portable road safety guardrail with a reflector.


  • Block off any area quickly: Ensure you cordon off any hazardous or restricted areas to protect those around you; BISupply 8ft Folding Security Gate Traffic Safety Barrier is ideal for sending a clear message that an area is off limits; mobile fencing can be set up in seconds, ideal for maintenance and construction work, or crowd and traffic control
  • Travel convenient: Folds to 9.25″ (23.5cm) wide and 38″ (96.5cm) tall to easily fit in your car trunk, truck bed, or trailer; 15″ (38.1cm) base sides can be filled with water or Sand for added stability and durability, or can be left empty for lightweight use; when empty, this 5.8 lb (2.6 kg) plastic barrier portable barricade fence is easy to transport and install anywhere
  • Adjustable length to meet your needs: Whether you’re blocking a corridor or a one-lane street, this foldable mobile barricade will fit your needs; in just seconds, these crowd barriers expand from 9.25 inches wide to 8.3 feet (100″/254cm); Sliding pole allows the road guardrail to quickly and smoothly extend to the exact length you need; Use hooks and eyelets to tie to another barricade for extended coverage
  • Reliable safety barriers: These traffic barriers are made from thick, impact-resistant molded plastic for durability; highly visible yellow and black colors won’t fade from UV rays or inclement weather; silver and red safety reflectors increase nighttime visibility; With their sturdy base and expandable coverage, this traffic barrier is more effective than caution tape
  • Easy to assemble: The crowd control barrier comes with four screws and four nuts; two smaller 1″ (2.5cm) long screws fit into the top holes, while the 1.5″ (3.8cm) long screws fit into the bottom sliders; simply secure the expandable pool fence between the base ends and fill the hollow base with water or sand for additional stability.

BISupply Folding Barricade

3. AOTONS Safety Barriers

Aotons’s flexible safety barriers reduce the risk of accidents, damage, and unscheduled downtime as a professional safety barrier manufacturer in China.

One is the AEGIS safety barrier, which is made of AEGIS steel material, it is usually used as a parking barrier. Aotons company has developed the ARMORFLEX® safety barrier, which is made from ARMORFLEX® material, which is used as an industrial safety barrier.


  • Buffer protection: AEGIS parking barrier is a revolutionary anti-collision protection product. The base structure adopts a patented design. Energy-absorbing elastomers are added to the bottom of the guardrail to achieve buffering and protection functions.
  • Good durability: When it is impacted, it can be tilted and buffered within 20° to absorb impact energy and minimize damage caused by column impact.
  • Long service life: After the tilt angle reaches the limit, it is in a rigid state, protecting important assets such as tankers from damage; after impact, the column returns to an upright state and the column is intact, which greatly increases the service life of the anti-collision column.
  • ARMORFLEX® material: Flexible industrial guardrails are made of ARMORFLEX® material independently developed by our company. Through special nanoscale processing technology, the molecular structure of the material is reorganized into a regular linear network structure.
  • Flexible: ARMORFLEX® material has recoverability and memory capabilities that absorb delay and dissipate impact energy and can rebound back to its original shape after impact.
  • Special three-layer structure: shock-absorbing and energy-absorbing layer, support and reinforcement layer, and anti-aging layer. Each layer has different material proportions and physical properties. The three-layer materials are extruded through exclusively developed professional one-time extrusion equipment.
  • Easy to install: Provide installation process video. The product features a fully modular design that is easy to assemble and requires no special tools.

AOTONS Safety Barriers

4. BestEquip 42-5.5 Safety Bollard

Yellow Safety Post 42″ Tall 5.5″ Pipe OD This steel parking guard post is 42″ tall and features durable 5.5″ diameter tube construction and a sealed base for strength and durability. Used extensively indoors and outdoors to protect shelves and personnel from accidental damage in parking lots, sidewalks, and work areas.


  • Welded Steel Structure: This safety post is made of Q235 steel, which has high hardness, strength, and durability. Tube thickness: 0.08 in/2 mm. Height: 42 inches/106.6 cm. Welded one-piece construction enables bollards to withstand impacts.
  • Yellow finish 5.5-inch od: Highly visible, steel tubular security bollards stand out with their bright yellow finish and black stripe across the top. Powder-coated finish protects parking bollards from oxidation, UV rays, fading, or rust. Diameter: 5.5″/14cm.
  • Stable base plate: Our traffic bollards adopt a sealed bottom design to increase the grounding area. There is no need to worry about sand or cement seeping out of the bottom. Base dimensions (L x W): 7.9 x 7.9 in/20 x 20 cm, base thickness: 0.2 in/5 mm. It is more stable and durable and does not deform easily.
  • Easy to install: This protective steel post is easy to install with four pre-drilled mounting holes in the base. An anchor bolt wrench is included with the kit. Assembly requires minimal effort and time.
  • Wide applications: This steel tube bollard stands vertically to provide increased visibility and protection for entrances, parking lots, sidewalks, bike paths, and more. They are often used in traffic-sensitive areas.

BestEquip 42-5.5 Safety Bollard

5. LONGADS Safety Barrier with Chain (Set of 2)


  • Portable and Flexible: 2-piece safety barriers are made of high-quality PE plastic. Each pole is 35 inches tall and 11.5 inches wide at the base. Also available with an 8-foot chain. The chain is also made of PE plastic. Sturdy and durable, not easy to corrode or break, can be used indoors and outdoors, and easy to carry.
  • Widely used: They can be used to control and guide the flow of people, protect enclosed areas for construction or sanitation, or provide traffic safety barriers in parking spaces, garages, and driveways. Residential properties, stadiums, theatres, hotels, weddings and parties.
  • Best choice: Compared with tapered warning posts, delineators are more flexible and convenient. The shaft can be installed and removed freely, and the height is adjustable, making it easy to move and store, thus saving more space. There is a water injection design at the bottom. , the load-bearing capacity reaches 10LB, and it can easily cope with various harsh weather outdoors.
  • Easy to install: Traffic poles come with buckles. The buckle allows for easy connection, assembly, and disassembly of the rod body and chain. It doesn’t require any tools and is very convenient to use. There is an injection port at the bottom to stabilize the empty base by filling it with water or sand. Fixed to the floor.
  • Note: Traffic sign poles can be used in any situation.

LONGADS Safety Barrier with Chain

6. 8NET Safety Bollard

Safety bollards are strong and durable posts or columns designed to enhance safety and control traffic in a variety of environments. Safety bollards are typically made of strong materials such as steel or concrete and are strategically placed in indoor and outdoor environments to serve a variety of purposes.


  • Weight: 20 lbs/9.07 kg
  • Thickness: 12 gauge/2.7 mm
  • Various heights and sizes to protect machinery of all sizes
  • Forklifts reach trucks, and other warehouse machinery can damage valuable equipment and merchandise
  • Each bollard is constructed from sturdy steel for maximum protection

8NET Safety Bollard

7. VEVOR Traffic Delineator

A leading brand of tools and equipment, VEVOR specializes in these areas. VEVOR, along with thousands of highly motivated employees, is committed to providing customers with rugged equipment and tools at extremely low prices.


  • Flexible PU material: The contour column is made of high-quality PU particles, which have good heat insulation, and waterproof and shock-proof properties. Best of all, their unique properties allow the columns to bend to the maximum extent and never break.
  • Reflective Tape Design: Contoured cone covered with high-density lattice tape. Even at night, they reflect light effectively enough to alert passengers.
  • Easy installation: The Parking Contour Line has an integrated body and base. Three holes are pre-drilled in the base. They are easily secured to the ground using the included expansion bolts.
  • Combined use: The top of the traffic pole has a hole into which you can put your finger when moving it. Also, that’s where the chains can be placed so that the post can work as a unit.
  • Wide range of applications: Guardrail cones are often placed on highways, parks, neighborhoods, intersections, parking lots, and outside street entrances.

VEVOR Traffic Delineator

8. E-riding Portable Parking Pole Barrier


  • Removable design & fillable base: The portable parking pole contains 1 water-filled base, a traffic cap, and 6 sections. Empty water-filled bases are stabilized by filling them with water or fine sand.
  • Portable and easy to install: The 2-pack warning post cones can be removed in small spaces, such as your car or garage. Convenient to carry traffic safety contours. The connection between each column and the base is made by a simple buckle structure. No tools are required, and the assembly can be completed in less than a few seconds.
  • Dimensions: The height of the traffic barrier pole is 35 inches. The water-filled base is 11 inches wide, making the post more stable. The weight before filling is only 1 pound, and the weight after filling can reach 8.8 pounds. There are also 8 feet of chain and 2 S-shaped hooks to attach construction poles.
  • Premium material: The traffic contour cones are made of impact-resistant polyethylene. UV-resistant and waterproof, the portable parking pole barrier can be used for extended periods of time in hot sunshine or humid weather without fading.
  • Multiple uses: Traffic contour poles are ideal for emergency responders, mobility driver training, equestrian lessons, camping, and driveway warning signs. Block off parking lots, sides, or any common areas to prevent cars from being scratched. Create warning areas in your driveway or mark off safe areas in your driveway or street for children to play.

E-riding Portable Parking Pole Barrier

9. Cortina EZ Grab Delineator 45-Inch Post

Cortina Safety Products’ delineator equipment is available for both permanent and temporary work areas. Contour lines are a great way to mark the edges of any road or path to ensure vehicles or pedestrians stay within designated areas.


  • Portable, lightweight, easy to install and relocate. UV stable and highly visible. Two high-intensity prismatic reflective collars. Used on construction sites, facilities management, pedestrian safety, and more
  • NCHRP-350 certification
  • 100% impact-resistant polyethylene
  • UV inhibitors prevent fading
  • 2 high-intensity reflective stripes on each outline

Cortina EZ Grab Delineator 45-Inch Post

10. Amazon Basics Expandable Mobile Barricade Fence System


  • Expandable barricade systems send a clear message: an area is off-limits
  • Bright and eye-catching yellow won’t go unnoticed
  • 2 smooth-rolling wheels provide convenient portability
  • When not in use, it can be retracted to save space
  • Measures 13′ wide (expanded) x 40′ high
  • Designed for indoor use

Amazon Basics Expandable Mobile Barricade Fence System

11. Conclusion

The above is our list of the top 10 safety barrier products on Amazon. We’d love it if this article helped you quickly find the security barrier you’re looking for. If you have any other questions, please visit aotons.com for consultation.

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