Industrial safety gates are an important barrier to protect the safety of people and equipment in the workplace. Today, there are various types of industrial safety gates, and business owners will install different industrial safety gates according to different regional characteristics. Well, the first thing to solve before installation is to find a suitable industrial safety gate manufacturer. Don’t worry, in today’s guide, we will introduce you to the top 15 excellent industrial safety gate manufacturers in the world. Read on to learn more.

1. Fabenco

Date of establishment: 1972

Location: Texas, USA

Main products:

  • Safety gates
  • Loading Dock Gates
  • Mezzanine Gates
  • Modular guardrails

In 1972, Fabenco introduced the first patented self-closing safety door to meet OSHA requirements for fall protection at platform and stairway openings. Today, Fabenco has sold more than 600,000 self-closing safety doors and is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial safety doors. Fabenco’s full line of gates helps companies eliminate the time and expense of manufacturing their own gates, while providing fall protection, access control, machine guarding, pedestrian traffic management, and safety for ladders, platforms, and stairwells, as well as aisles and mezzanines.

Most Fabenco gates can be easily installed on all types of handrails (angle steel, flat steel, and pipe) or existing walls, and can be installed to the left or right side of the handrail opening. The adjustment bolt provides a positive stop without contacting the handrail, and once the bolt is adjusted, each safety door’s reliable stainless steel spring automatically closes the door to a customizable stop point set on the door – up to a maximum angle of 90°.

Fabenco safety doors are made of high-quality carbon steel, with stainless steel options in A series, XL series, G series, and MZ series. The A and XL series are also available in aluminum. Finishes include galvanizing and environmentally friendly “Safety Yellow” powder coating.


2. Frontier Pitts

Date of establishment: 1991

Location: West Sussex, UK

Main products:

  • Bi-folding Speed Gates
  • Bollards
  • Gates
  • Barriers
  • Pedestrian Gates

Frontier Pitts is the UK’s leading manufacturer of security gates, automatic barriers, barriers, curbs, bollards, pedestrian control gates, and turnstiles. More than 100 years have passed since it was founded. Frontier Pitts has continued an extensive research and development program since 2004, producing the Frontier Pitts IWA 14 and BSi PAS 68 Anti-Terra ranges. Frontier Pitts’ first crash test was the Terra Blocker, which successfully hit a 6.8-ton US vehicle traveling at 80km/h. Frontier Pitts is listed on the government-approved supplier list and has been endorsed by several other companies across the country. Frontier Pitts is ISOQAR audited and compliant with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO45001:2018 standards.

Today, Frontier Pitts is more than just a manufacturer of perimeter security equipment. Their product portfolio comes with a full range of services including design, site surveys, fabrication, installation, civil and electrical services, maintenance, spare parts, repair or refurbishment, and full project management. Frontier Pitts’ in-house engineering team has the ability to adapt our standard product range to provide custom solutions to meet specific applications and fixed tender specifications. Their current shock testing program allows us to bring new products to market while staying ahead of the competition.

Frontier Pitts

3. Kee Safety

Date of establishment: 1934

Location: UK

Main products:

  • Roof Railings
  • Safety Railings
  • Safety Gates
  • Platforms & Walkways
  • Lifelines & Anchors
  • Skylight Fall Protection

In 1934, Kee Safety invented the Kee Klamp® tubular fitting for agricultural use. As these simple safety barrier systems were developed, many other uses were discovered. Today, barrier systems and guardrails remain an integral part of their product portfolio, while their construction and application continue to become more complex. Today, Kee Safety operates in the United States, Germany, Canada, France, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Poland, China and Singapore.

Kee Safety customers have long enjoyed the benefits of quality fall protection systems that meet the highest OSHA standards. As these standards continue to evolve, we continually strive to provide solutions to the challenges our customers face.

Kee Safety


Date of establishment: 2017

Location: Qingdao, China

Main products:

  • Industrial Safety Gate
  • Parking Barrier
  • Hydraulic Bollard
  • Pedestrian Safety Barrier
  • Warehouse Protection

Aotons is a professional safety barrier manufacturer in China, with independent research and development and national patents. In the past 6 years, Aotons has developed 3 series of patented safety guardrails, including parking guardrails, industrial guardrails, and automatic bollards.

Their flexible safety barrier solutions have served industries such as petroleum, logistics, automotive manufacturing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and more. As of 2023, Aotons’ safety guardrails are not only selling well in the domestic market, but also exported to more than 30 countries and regions including Chile, France, Sweden, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Australia, and South Africa. If you are looking for a safety barrier for your project, Aotons are a great choice.


5. Tymetal

Date of establishment: 1985

Location: Greenwich, USA

Main products:

  • Aluminum alloy cantilever sliding door/roller shutter door
  • telescopic door
  • Matching doors and operating systems
  • swing door
  • Anti-collision safety door
  • Anti-collision beam
  • Anti-collision fence
  • Removable and permanent bollards
  • Pedestrian gates and turnstiles
  • vertical lift door
  • Correctional Pedestrian Gates and Entrances

TYMETAL is America’s leading security door manufacturer, providing commercial/industrial security doors, disciplinary door systems, and other crash barriers with thousands installed since its founding in 1985. TYMETAL manufactures over 25 different perimeter security products. For over 35 years, TYMETAL has led the industry as a single-source manufacturer of custom or standard gate designs and complete automated gate systems.

With their automatic doors, you won’t have the hassle and headache of difficult installations and time-consuming troubleshooting. Unlike other industrial door suppliers, TYMETAL matches door and operator hardware on automatic doors, ensuring both door and door operator come from a single source and are specifically designed to work together.



Date of establishment: 1965

Location: France

Main products:

  • Automatic barriers
  • traffic bollards
  • Automatic door

FAAC has been providing residential, apartment, and industrial automation solutions as well as pedestrian and vehicular access control since 1965. FAAC Group currently consists of32commercial companies in 24 countries, 18 production bases in 15 countries, and 3 Composition of business departments:

  1. FAAC Simply Automatic – Automation of gates and barriers, entrances and automatic doors, parking, and access control.
  2. HUB Parking Technology – Parking technology with smart and scalable solutions to control parking revenue.
  3. Magnetic Automation – Innovative solutions for access control with vehicle and pedestrian barriers in commercial and industrial applications.


7. Procter Contracts

Founded: More than 100 years

Location: UK

Main products:

  • Automatic gates
  • Swing gates
  • Security barriers
  • Car park barriers

Fencing, gates, street furniture, and complementary perimeter solutions are among Procter Contracts’ most popular products. All products are designed to the requirements of ISO 9001 and all comply with appropriate health and safety and product standards. Procter Contracts has unique capabilities to survey, design, manufacture, supply, install, and maintain standard and bespoke security solutions across four sites across the UK.

Procter Contracts

8. Avon Barrier

Date of establishment: 1999

Location: Bristol, UK

Main products:

  • Security Barriers
  • Road Blockers
  • Gates
  • Bollards
  • Access Control

Besides HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) and Traffic Control Systems, Avon Barrier is also a global exporter of impact-tested Vehicle Safety Barriers (VSBs) as defined by the UK Center for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI Avon Barrier’s barricades, traffic control barriers, bollards and gates undergo rigorous testing, including impact testing to internationally recognized standards PAS 68, IWA 14-1 and ASTM 2656.

Avon Barrier is an ISO 9001 certified company that sets high professional standards in providing solutions to client needs and they have earned an enviable reputation for quality design, project management, and system implementation. They have successfully completed thousands of projects around the world, have developed a global partner network, and have extensive experience in exporting, installing, and supporting international projects.

Avon Barrier

9. Abbey Gates

Established: More than 40 years

Location: Scotland, UK

Main products:

  • Gates, Railings & Fencing
  • Aluminium Gates
  • Metal Fabrication & Welding

Abbey Gates has been manufacturing and installing metal driveway gates in and around Glasgow, Scotland for over 40 years. They can guarantee timely and efficient services to all customers, and their experienced team of craftsmen can meet the needs of domestic and commercial markets. Abbey Gates provides the design, fabrication, and installation process whilst maintaining excellent health and safety standards. In addition to manufacturing metal driveway gates, Abbey Gates also offers many other metal fabrication services, such as the design and fabrication of automatic gate systems, metal railings, balconies, handrails, stairs, automatic electric gates, and more!

Abbey Gates

10. MHC Gates

Established: More than 40 years

Location: Coventry, UK

Main products:

  • Barriers and Bollards
  • Industrial Gates & Fencing
  • Automatic Gates Metal
  • Electric Gates Timber

MHC manufactures, supplies, and installs automatic electric gates. Turn or slide to open. In contemporary and traditional designs. Made of metal or wood. MHC installs BFT gate automation systems on new and existing gates. Automatic electric gates provide security for your home. Areas it covers include Solihull, Balsall Common, Knowle, Kenilworth, Leakwootton, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Hampton Arden, Claverden, On-Avon Stratford, Henry Arden, Bothell, Rugby, Church Lawford and all surrounding areas.

MHC Gates

11. Wilcox Door Service

Date of establishment: 1912

Location: Canada

Main products:

  • Industrial doors
  • Bollards & Guarding
  • Gate & Fencing Solutions

Wilcox Door Service Inc. is a certified Aboriginal business and has been an industry leader in providing, installing, and repairing door, dock, and gate solutions for commercial and industrial facilities since 1912. Wilcox Door Service’s innovative and “green” solutions help you reduce operating and energy costs, minimize downtime, and ensure a safe work environment. They have 30 fully stocked cellular dispatch service vehicles and some of the most skilled technicians in Ontario. You are guaranteed 24/7 emergency door repair and installation service with the fastest response times in the industry.

Wilcox Door Service

12. Ameristar Security Products

Date of establishment: 1994

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Main products:

  • Ornamental Fence & Gates
  • Engineered Gates
  • High-Security Fence
  • Security Bollards
  • Security Barriers

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ameristar is the world’s largest manufacturer of decorative fences and gates. Your most valuable assets are protected by them. This has brought them into all aspects of the perimeter security industry, expanding their product line to include impact barriers and bollards as well as high-security enclosures. Ameristar continues to raise the bar for manufacturing customer-focused solutions. Their high standards produce quality products that more than meet industry standards.

Ameristar Security Products

13. Ametco Manufacturing

Date of establishment: 1966

Location: Ohio, USA

Main products:

  • Fence
  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Security Grilles
  • Security Screening

Founded in 1966 by Steve Mitrovich, Ametco Manufacturing Corporation is an industrial metals manufacturer located in Willoughby, Ohio, east of Cleveland. Today, Ametco manufactures a variety of architectural fencing and gate systems as well as railings, shades, grilles, screens, blinds, and perforated metal products for the commercial, industrial, institutional, and retail construction markets.

These products are available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Custom manufacturing services allow Ametco to deliver products of your design. Ametco can meet the needs of almost any project. Ametco products are developed to meet the aesthetic needs of modern architecture while addressing growing customer concerns about security and privacy. Their design engineers work closely with the construction community and building contractors to design and manufacture fences, gates, and other beautiful products and provide years of trouble-free service.

Ametco Manufacturing

14. PS Doors

Date of establishment: 1974

Location: United States

Main products:

  • Safest safety gates
  • Industrial Swing Door
  • Horizontal Sliding Roof Hatch
  • Industrial air control Ventilation Louver system

PS Doors has grown from a manufacturer of high-quality industrial doors to a manufacturer that also produces safety/fall protection products and flood barriers to an even wider range of products. PS Doors works with great clients like NASA, the United Nations, Miller-Coors, Consolidated Edison, Grainger, Xcel Energy, the New York City Department of Transportation, and thousands of others.

PS Doors

15. Safety Rail Company

Date of establishment: 2013

Location: United States

Main products:

  • Safety rail system
  • Rooftop access guarding
  • Safety gates
  • Modular crossover stairs
  • Visual warning lines

Safety Rail Company is a one-stop supplier of fall protection solutions, from single products to complete systems: always with saving lives as our top priority. Their range of innovative products features simple, durable designs that fit any complex environment with their modular functionality. And, in addition to manufacturing, Safety Rail Company also offers installation services through its own team of experts.

Safety Rail Company

16. Conclusion

The above are the top 15 global industrial safety gate manufacturers compiled by this guide for you. If you are considering purchasing and installing industrial safety gates, the above information is for your reference.

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