As one of the important equipment of parking lot management, the parking gate plays a key role in controlling vehicle entry and exit and maintaining parking order. In order to ensure the normal operation of the road gate and extend the service life, reasonable maintenance is essential. This article will provide you with a detailed maintenance guide for parking barriers to help you understand how to effectively maintain parking barrier equipment.

1. How do I maintain the parking barrier?

The following three points will show you how to do maintenance in detail:

How to Maintain the Parking Barrier

1) Routine maintenance

Clean the gate regularly: clean the surface of the gate equipment regularly, remove dust and debris, check whether there are damaged or worn parts, and repair or replace them in time.

Lubrication key parts: Regularly apply an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the key parts of the gate equipment, such as bearings, chains, etc., to ensure smooth movement and reduce wear.

Check the electrical system regularly: check whether the electrical system of the gate is in normal operation, including whether the wire connection is firm, whether the switch is sensitive, and whether the electromagnet is normally drawn. If found abnormal, timely repair or replace electrical components.

Keep the surrounding environment clean: The surrounding area of the gate should be kept clean, avoid weeds, dust, and other effects on the equipment, and clean the surrounding environment regularly.

2) Quarterly maintenance

Check the mechanical transmission system: regularly check the road brake mechanical transmission system, including reducer, motor, chain, etc., whether there is abnormal sound, vibration, or wear phenomenon, if there is a problem should be repaired or replaced in time.

Calibration limit switch: The limit switch of the lane gate is a key component to control the opening and closing of the gate, and should be calibrated every quarter to ensure the accuracy and stability of the limit switch.

Cleaning electrical components: Regularly clean the gate electrical components, such as circuit breakers, contactors, etc., to ensure that they work normally and avoid failures caused by dust or corrosion.

Check the safety protection device: the safety protection device of the road gate includes a photoelectric switch, anti-collision column, etc., which should be checked every quarter to ensure its sensitivity and reliability.

3) Annual maintenance

Check the mechanical structure: Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the mechanical structure of the road gate every year, including the support column, rocker arm, bracket, etc., to ensure its structural integrity and stability.

Check the electrical system: Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the electrical system of the gate, including the controller, power supply, line, etc., to ensure that it is safe and reliable, if there are aging or faulty components should be replaced in time.

Calibrate the automatic identification system: If the parking lot gate is equipped with an automatic identification system (such as IC card recognition), it should be calibrated and the software updated every year to ensure normal use.

Cleaning and painting: The gate equipment is thoroughly cleaned and repainted every year to protect the surface of the equipment and extend the service life.

How to Maintain the Parking Barrier

2. Is the parking rail defective and needs to be repaired?

If the cause of the barrier defect is not obvious, you should first investigate the cause or arrange for an appropriate expert to determine the problem with the barrier system. Based on this, you can decide if a repaired or brand-new barrier is a better solution. Unfortunately, both options often come with high costs. In addition, if the defect occurs late at night or at night, you must also consider surcharges, as 24/7 service is usually required. The price of modern barriers, special spare parts, and installation services should also not be underestimated. Depending on the damage and model of the barrier, delivery of spare parts may also require a long wait time.

3. What should I do when the parking barrier is defective?

You want to drive into a parking space as usual, but suddenly find yourself with a locked fence in front of you. You notice that the barrier system is damaged and cannot be opened. Unfortunately, in this case, you have no choice but to find an alternative parking space. Especially in urban areas or under time pressure, finding a parking space can quickly become stressful.

If you use the parking lot a lot, it’s definitely in your interest to be able to use it again quickly. If the operator does not seem to be aware of the defect, you can notify them by phone. Contact information is usually posted on the parking lot or garage.

4. Why is parking rail maintenance important?

Because it is a relatively frequently used mechanical device (also outdoors and exposed to the weather), parking barriers often fail if not properly maintained. Parking barriers also affect the revenue a business generates and its overall accessibility.

Effective parking fence maintenance means checking every component within the fence to ensure that the entire system is always in good working order.

A variety of measures can be taken to ensure proper working conditions for parking barriers, including but not limited to:

  • Check cables, connectors, control devices, etc.
  • Clean and remove dust/dirt from all materials, fixtures, equipment, and systems.
  • Lubrication of moving parts of parking barriers.
  • Ensure that the railing’s arm sign is intact and visible.
  • Check whether the magnetic ring and its detector work properly.
  • Check the transmitter antenna and make sure it is in good and usable condition.
  • Check whether Barriers TX/RX devices are working properly.

How to Maintain the Parking Barrier

5. Conclusion

The maintenance of the parking lot gate can not only ensure the normal operation of equipment but also extend the service life and reduce the possibility of failure. Through daily, quarterly, and annual standardized maintenance, it can improve the reliability and safety of the road gate equipment, and provide a strong guarantee for the management of the parking lot.

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