When working in an intense environment like a factory, strict safety measures are required. This ensures the protection and safety of everyone involved in the day-to-day operation of the plant. Pedestrian safety barriers are a safety measure that can bring many benefits.

Safety barriers can be handy in many situations. And we’ve compiled a helpful list of the main advantages they can bring to your workplace. Their modular design and ease of installation constitute a flexible protection device that protects your most important assets from damage in the event of a collision. Read on to learn how important security barriers are to your business.

1. Inventory protection

Factories today tend to stack products vertically rather than horizontally in order to store more inventory in a given space. However, the higher you store items, the greater your risk of injury and damage to your product. For example, I have a friend who is a faucet manufacturer. Once he invited me to visit his factory, and I saw that he had installed a number of factory pedestrian safety barriers beside the shelves of the factory. He introduced me to a variety of faucet stocks placed on the shelves. Installing pedestrian safety barriers next to the shelves can prevent damage to the shelves, which in turn protects the faucets on the shelves from damage.

Safety barriers can help the driver of your vehicle be more alert to possible approaching pedestrians, although this should be covered in depth in their vehicle training.

Keep in mind that if any collisions occur. You need to make sure there is minimal damage to all parties involved. For example, the potential damage can be costly if safety barriers are not implemented. This includes vehicle repair/replacement, employee injuries, and product damage in the event of a vehicle colliding with inventory.

Advantages of Pedestrian Safety Barrier in a Factory

2. An avoidable accident.

Our safety barriers are cost-effective protection solutions that are easy to install and even easier to modify according to your specific requirements. When installed, its bright colors will stand out throughout the plant and serve as a warning to all involved. Radically reduce the likelihood of accidents while feeling safe!

3. Pedestrian safety

Just as the driver of your vehicle needs to be alert to potential hazards, so does your pedestrian staff. Your walking employees are likely at risk due to the number of miles they drive on a typical workday. They have to be at the highest level of concentration to keep themselves safe. The presence of a safety barrier not only reassures your employees that their safety is Paramount in the eyes of the management team but also serves as an indication to be alert for entering vehicles.

However, this can sometimes be tricky. For example, if walking workers are carrying goods incorrectly (such as overhead height). Their field of view is reduced, increasing the likelihood of a collision, slip, trip, or fall. If this happens on shelves or other inventory, it can be quite a serious injury for your workers. This obstacle should be overcome by using the correct lifting and handling procedures, but the sight of the pedestrian safety barrier will provide an additional layer of protection.

4. Vehicle protection

Protecting your assets is just as important as protecting your vehicle. As mentioned above, equipment such as vehicles can be the victim of a collision and therefore require a lot of repairs. This is true even if you install some level of protection (such as a traditional steel barrier). These types of obstacles send the collision force back to the source of the impact. Thus rendering your vehicle completely useless. The need to install steel barriers also leads to further floor damage.

With safety barriers, you can eliminate the risk of extensive damage. Its core material means that any collision forces are dispersed in its own body rather than returned to the source of the collision. This radically reduces the damage caused to the vehicle and the driver of the associated vehicle. This also reduces damage to the floor. No more spending time and money to repair the floor surface area around obstacles!

Advantages of Pedestrian Safety Barrier in a Factory

5. Shelf protection

Because most factories prefer vertical inventory to horizontal inventory, there are more shelves in warehouses than ever before. In some cases, the shelves can simply extend from floor to ceiling, which means workers can end up working at some dangerous heights. Not only is the safety of workers at risk but once a collision occurs below. If there is no safety barrier, it may cause the shelf to break away from the wall, thus triggering a domino effect. The rest of the shelves. Needless to say, this can lead to a health and safety nightmare.

There are ways to reduce risk across the board. First and foremost, your shelves must be firmly attached to the wall and at an acceptable height of safety. So that your shelves cannot move in the event of any impact. Second. The safety barrier below will act as a shield between the vehicle and the shelf, meaning that due to the barrier’s ability to absorb shock. There will be no damage to either side. Third, providing workers with adequate protection when working at altitude. As cages for them to stand and work safely, is essential for the well-being of employees.

6. Mechanical protection

Machines in factories can be expensive at the best of times, so a lot of work needs to be done to keep them safe from danger. However, sometimes accidents can happen for no reason. All it takes is one careless maneuver or turn that causes the vehicle driver to lose control of the forklift and head straight for a machine.

Areas designed for storage and placement of machinery shall be protected by safety barriers. Like protecting the shelves, the safety barrier acts as a barrier between the vehicle and the machinery. Replacing a vehicle puts this in perspective more than replacing a machine, but with our obstacles, neither needs to be replaced. If your vehicle is traveling within the speed limit set by UK law for an indoor workplace, the damage is nothing more than aesthetic damage to the paint. Our flexible safety barriers are designed not only to prevent further damage but also to absorb the impact of any collision.

Wherever it is possible to install a cost-effective protective layer, it should be considered. A sloppy attitude to factory safety can only lead to accidents and some very expensive repair work. Do not allow your plant to be disrupted by maintenance work. And keep yourself running knowing that you are in the safest working environment.

Advantages of Pedestrian Safety Barrier in a Factory

7. Conclusion

If you still need more detailed information about our products, please feel free to contact Aotons. We know that each plant operates differently and the routine is different. But we are more than happy to see if we can help you.

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